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The Carmelite Missionaries started this school in 1857 in the building which is at present the AG's office, Trivandrum. Later it was shifted to the campus near to St.Joseph's Cathedral, Palayam. In 1905, the school was again shifted to its present location near the General Hospital, Trivandrum. Sri.Madhava Rao, the then Dewan of the erstwhile Travancore declared St.Joseph's as a recognized school of the Travancore State at a public meeting held at the school campus on 18th January 1905. The school continued to function under the patronage of the Carmelite Missionaries till 1946. St. Joseph's came under the direct patronage of the Diocese of Trivandrumwhen His Excellency Rt. Rev. Dr.Vincent Derriere OCD took over the management as the first Bishop of the newly erected Diocese.

Prefect- the word derived from the Latin word praefectus, which means make in front, i.e., put in charge. The induction of Prefect system helps the young, enthusiastic lads to take their first step in the new areas of responsible living.

Deployed under the two service wings as Army & Airwing the cadets of our N.C.C units brought the school proud with their stupendous skill in various activities of our school. Their participation at various training camps have adjudged our troop as the best in Trivandrum

Fr.Ephrem Trophy
Glorious days of the past runs successful in the present as our sports persons of St.Joseph's brought many laurels; we call these as the Golden Feathers on our School Cap.